On 21st May a select group of runners joined the start line for the inaugural Trail Attack.


As soon as the campsite opened on Friday, the first runners started arriving to secure their pitches and have a sneak preview of the course. The weather was kind through Friday and Saturday morning, remaining sunny as competitors eagerly set off on their first lap. The first runner completed the 10km route in 41 minutes, a lap time that was not to be beaten throughout the event.

As night fell, so did the rain and whilst it did a great job of softening the course, it did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the runners. At 11am on Sunday the course was opened for teams to run their final laps together, an opportunity that was seized by many.

As the race came to a close, the final standings were as listed below.

Solo Female Winner

Laura Appleby won the Solo Female category with 140km.

Solo Male Winner

Edward Milbourn won the Solo Male category with 150km.

Pair Winners

Justin Bowyer and Robin Pemberton won the Pair category with 200km.

Team Winners

The winners of the Team competition were Team DK, with 300km

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