On site camping

The camping areas will open on Friday before the event at 2pm.



There will be 2 camping areas on site. One, adjacent to the transition area for solo runners, the second, for larger teams is approximately 100m from the transition area. Caravans and motorhomes are welcome, but will be restricted to the specified area.

Please follow the rules below and help look after Heart of England Forest.


Motorhomes and caravans will be allowed in the specified area only. We would ask that there is no movement of vehicles in the camping area during the race except with specific permission from event staff. Please also be aware that there is no electrical hook-up on site. If you plan to bring a motorhome or caravan would you please let us know in advance via the contact form on this site.


You will be able to drive to both camping areas to drop off gear, but please move all vehicles to the parking area at least 2 hours before the start of the event.

Quiet time

There will be a quiet time from 11pm until 7am morning. No music or other behaviour that would disturb fellow runners between these times please.


Vehicles will not be permitted in the camping areas for the duration of the race. You should drive to the camping area to drop off your kit, then place your car in the car parks once set up.

After the event.

The camping areas will remain open until 7pm on Sunday. Please pack all gear BEFORE bringing your vehicle into the camping area.


There will be plenty of bins on site, please use them or take litter home with you. We want to be allowed back to Heart of England Forest, so please respect the countryside.

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