Race Rules

Terms and Conditions of Trail Attack


All participants must be aged 18 years or over on the event date for the 24 hour race, 15 years or over for the 10km race and 6-15 for the junior race.

Participants must bring ID with them.

Participants agree to take part on the understanding that it is a strenuous 24hr race that involves running at night and when tired. They must understand the risks and be confident that they are up to the challenge.

Participants shall also agree to take part in a sportsmanlike manner and agree to follow any instruction given by the race officials.

By entering the event location you agree to be filmed / photographed and the use of your image in any footage used by REAPER EVENTS LTD for their own publicity in any media worldwide.


Once payment is made we are unable to offer refunds. We will however make runner substitutions if through injury up until 1 week before the event, at no cost.


All competitors must sign on with registration on Saturday by the following time. Junior race 08.20, 10km day race 09.20, 24 hour race 11.00 and 10km night race by 21.20. You will collect your race number, timing chip and relay baton at this time.


Soloists will race on their own for 24 hours.

Soloists can take breaks of however long or short they like as long as they re-join the course at the start /finish arch once they have crossed the timing mats.

All we ask is you complete at least one lap for your achievement to be registered.

You can run walk or even crawl around your laps.


Runners can only change over at the designated area at the start/finish zone. When team runner A is out on course, team runner B needs to be ready at the changeover area when A is due to complete his/her lap(s). Team runner A will come in after their lap and hand the exchange baton to team runner B before he/she starts the next lap. If the on course runner intends to run more than one lap they will be able to pass over the timing mats (to register the lap) and continue. If no runner is there to hand over to (e.g. they are still asleep in their tent) the runner on course can either elect to run another lap or to go and find them.

Each runner must complete at least one lap during the 24 hours for your team’s score to count.

The relay baton must be carried by the ‘on course’ runner at all times(UNLESS YOU ARE A SOLO RUNNER). Losing the baton will incur a time penalty with the incoming runner having to wait 5 minutes before being given a new baton to hand over.


Being a 24hr race it’s going to get dark and all racers on course between sunset and sunrise must have a working light be it head torch or hand held unit. Bear in mind there will be approximately nine hours of darkness please make sure your lights are charged and will see you through this time.


Trail Attack 24hr officially finishes at 12noon on Sunday. As long as a runner starts a lap before the 24hrs have elapsed that lap will count in their total lap score once completed. Teams can declare at any point (if all team members have run one lap) and their total laps completed will still stand.


Cheating will not be tolerated. Substituting unregistered runners, cutting through the tapes, taking short cuts and any other cheating will result in instant disqualification of the runner (if soloist) or the complete team.


There will be a qualified medical team on site to deal with medical emergencies for the duration of the event. The First Aid point will be stationed in the main arena. All race marshals will be able to radio for help if necessary.


Transition and the half way aid station will be manned for the duration of the race. There will also be running marshals out on course at all times. Not withstanding this, if you see another runner on the course who is in distress, it is your responsibility to stop and help this runner. At the sole discretion of the Race Director, any time lost through helping a distressed runner will be accounted for in the final results. If you run past somebody who is in serious medical difficulty without offering to help, you and your whole team may be disqualified from the event.

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